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Who We Are

DHF Food Program is a private nonprofit organization founded in 2016. We are a sponsor of the Federal USDA National Food Program, which is administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture. We strive to improve the quality of nutritional services provided by unaffiliated and affiliated sites through comprehensive training, oversight and administrative support services. Our services are provided to associated sites that are nonprofit or service children throughout Texas. Sites such as childcare centers, home childcare centers and risk sites are required to serve specified meal components and recommended portion sizes for each age group and properly document all meals and participant information daily. DHF Food Program is committed to fostering a culture of compliance, efficiency and nutritional excellence.

We have positioning ourselves to be leaders in Childhood Nutrition, where we put an emphasis on CACFP. We believe that organizing all phases of our Center’s Food Program reduces the risk of disallowances and maintains compliance with the Texas Department of Agriculture. We provide our centers with a personal Account Representative to assist with daily and weekly food program tasks, in addition to on-site training for Center Owners, Directors, Food Service Managers, Food Program Personnel or General Staff.

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